Welcome to our world

It can take time to get used to the various things that go on in the world of web-development. Here are some articles we've published that may interest you.

What is Markdown?

We introduce how to use Markdown to easily format and structure your text documents.

Learn how to write good code

A starter guide on why good code matters, what good code is, and the three diverse aspects of good code: syntax, architecture and workflow.

Our developers love their work

Our developers don't just work a 9-5 shift, they actively engage with their work and in the industry. We've aggregated some of their articles below. Beware, these can be rather technical!

In order to discuss BDD, as a blogger, I need to talk about Behat

Here we talk about using the tool "Behat" to test whether our sites behave as required to achieve business objectives, and how to deal with issues such as uploading images, invisible website components, and resizing graphics.

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Content Management Systems harm websites

We reveal the dark secrets on why content management systems actually harm websites and decreases its quality and value rather than empower the client.

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PHP CMSes done right: how to enable clients to edit content appropriately

We give our explanation on how to use tried and proven industry standards and best practices to give clients the benefits of a CMS and eliminate (almost) all of its drawbacks.

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Separating the core application from the delivery framework with Kohana

We demonstrate how we can develop applications without tying ourselves down to a specific technology that may become outdated. This way your application is prepared for big changes in the future.

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