Work samples


This site allows friends who want to help each other lose weight compete in a free and fun way.

Visitors can instantly create a competition with up to 4 participants. Strategic gamification was used to make the site appealing through live commentary, daily updates, and an awards system.

Buildings for Birds

A way for a community of architects to discuss visionary design.

A website that focused purely on content, we designed the layout to be uniquely and constantly generated from the users interactions: from what they uploaded, what they liked and favourited, to what they commented on.


A fresh marketing approach for the world's second largest open organisation.

We helped distil the most unique and interesting features to reveal to customers why they should try out the KDE Desktop Environment, connect with the KDE community, and participate towards KDE's initiatives.

Behind the Scenes

We work with you through detailed design and development practices.

Shown to the left are colour scheme palette choices and the results of our business driven automatic testing that guarantees the integrity and quality of your software - just some of the many practices that we follow.